BRID // Baza za radničku inicijativu i demokratizaciju

OWID // Organization for Workers' Initiative and Democratization

Supporting the labour movement through education, research, field work, and media activities

Year: 2016

Donor: Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Project description

During 2016 OWID will continue to develop contacts with labour unionists, activists, researchers and journalists in order to strengthen these groups in the struggle against existing power relations between capital and the labour movement. As part of this strengthening process, in 2016 we will take particular care to connect the mentioned groups among them: in doing so, OWID will act to improve the dialogue between different social groups who could - through joint action - organize events and actions on a bigger scale than they are doing at the moment.

By connecting labour unions and organizations of civil society, as well as through the organization of panels, debates and union schools, and research projects dealing with topics relevant for the field of the labour movement, we aim to activate presently unutilized infrastructural resources and reinforcing the effects of activities through synergy, which we think is critical for expanding the potential of future workers’ struggles and struggles for the preservation of commons.


  1. Field work and Education
    • Women's Union school
    • 6 workshops covering the basics of union work and the importance of labour union engagement in other segments of society will be organized for members of some of the partner unions
  2. Media
    • Videos and interviews on topics concerning the labour movement and its role in society as a whole
    • The web site Radnička prava will be developed into a platform offering texts, videos, and interviews about the global labour movement, and will be constantly updated in order to reach a wider audience
  3. Research
    • The continuation of the work on the Archive of Workers' struggle
    • The case study of the strikes in Borovo shoe factory
    • The case study of the strikes in National railway company
    • The case study of the privatization of the National health care system