BRID // Baza za radničku inicijativu i demokratizaciju

OWID // Organization for Workers' Initiative and Democratization

Preparing the Ground for Progressive Politics

Year: 2021

Donor: Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Project description:

Project objectives are:

1) to successfully implement a new model of cooperation with trade unions, based on organizing projects, 2) to devise and implement educational programs, including schools and workshops on legal, and economic aspects of workers issues, bearing in mind an inclusive, feminist and community organizing oriented perspective, 3) to develop new set of knowledge and insights in the functioning of public services, 4) to empower health workers, patients and activists for advocating for de-privatization of health services, 5) to inform the public on current events from the field of labour and social rights, including OWID's activities.

  1. Fieldwork
    • Fieldwork meetings with labour unionists and activists
    • The web site Radnička prava
    • Videos and interviews on topics concerning the labour movement and its role in society as a whole
  2. Education
    • Women's Union school
    • Workshops on privatisation of national health care system
  3. Research
    • Commercialization of health - which are the dominant trends in the commercialization of health and how to stop and reverse them?
    • Applied research for trade union organizing campaign - what is needed for a successful workers’ unionizing campaign?