BRID // Baza za radničku inicijativu i demokratizaciju

OWID // Organization for Workers' Initiative and Democratization

Part of the Union: a Research, Fieldwork, Education and Media Work Approach to Building a Joint Social Front

Year: 2019

Donor: Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Project description:

In 2019 we are planning to open new cooperation and consolidate the existing ones, both with trade unions and civil society organizations. This will be done through the organisation of panels, debates and union schools, and research projects dealing with topics relevant for the field of the labour movement and the struggle for public goods, especially in the context of community organizing. By connecting labour unions and organisations of civil society, we aim to activate presently unutilized infrastructural resources and reinforce the effects of activities through synergy, which we think is critical for expanding the potential of future workers’ struggles and struggles for the preservation of commons.

Particular attention will be given to policies dealing with the position of young workers and precarious workers in the community, and to cooperation with Trade Union of Education, Media and Culture (SOMK), Regional Industrial Trade Union (RITU), and Independent Highways’ Union (NCS). We intend to continue the mapping of positive practices in the field of community organising, either through completely grassroots initiatives, or through initiatives which have already established themselves as relevant factors in the creation of community life (e.g. ZA Park, FC Zagreb 041).

  1. Fieldwork
    • Fieldwork meetings with labour unionists and activists
    • Videos and interviews on topics concerning the labour movement and its role in society as a whole
    • The web site Radnička prava
  2. Education
    • Women's Union school
  3. Research
    • The continuation of the work on the Archive of Workers' struggle
    • The continuation of the work on the research of the strikes in Borovo shoe factory
    • The continuation of the work on the research of the strikes in National railway company
    • The continuation of the work on the research of the privatization of the National health care system