BRID // Baza za radničku inicijativu i demokratizaciju

OWID // Organization for Workers' Initiative and Democratization

Building a joint labour and social front: a research, field work, education and media approach

Year: 2018

Donor: Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Project description:

The general project objectives can be summed up as follows: (1) expanding and consolidating relationships with the labour union movement in Croatia and introducing union activists and CSO members to topics regarding workers' rights in order to improve the dialogue among these two groups and promote joint actions, (2) contributing to the education of new union activists, who will be able to critically consider the labour movement's role in society and adapt to challenges posed to the movement by the growing number of precarious and non-standard workers, (3) building research capacities and gaining knowledge about topics related to the history of organized workers’ struggle, the present state of workers’ rights, and the fight for the commons, and (4) informing a broader public on the current developments in the field of labour rights and familiarizing it with the research, organizational and educational activities of OWID.

  1. Field work and Education
    • Women's Union school
    • Fieldwork meetings with labour unionists and activists
  2. Media
    • Videos and interviews on topics concerning the labour movement and its role in society as a whole
    • The web site Radnička prava
  3. Research
    • The continuation of the work on the Archive of Workers' struggle
    • The continuation of the work on the research of the strikes in Borovo shoe factory
    • The continuation of the work on the research of the strikes in National railway company
    • The continuation of the work on the research of the privatization of the National health care system